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Friday, 3 June 2011

Famous Pearls

A famous pearl is the Pellegrina . This pearl was the beginning of the 19th Century to the Russian Jewellers Zosima to Moscow sold. Their exact origin is not known. However, it is possible that this is a rare jewel of the French crown jewels is that disappeared during the French Revolution. This pearl was missing, "Reine des Perles". It was silvery, round and weighed 5.6 g. A Pellegrina as designated by Perle appeared in London in 1935 an exhibition on. But she had the shape of a teardrop. It is still not known what the original Pellegrina Pearl has become the out. Whether it is information from Russia is not known to me.

E. Taylor with Pelegrina
In contrast, makes the history of another famous jewel, the Peregrina (Pilgrim)

to pursue in the year 1513. This year she was part of the Spanish crown jewels. This pearl Richard Burton bought in 1969. This famous, drop-shaped pearl is the size of a pigeon's egg and weighs about 10.2 g.

In the issue of Lapidary Journal August 1974 Donald A. Bryan reported on the history of Peregrina, citing the book "Here, There and Everywhere" by Lord Frederick Hamilton. Accordingly, Panama was a slave of the conqueror, the Pearl of the Gulf of Balboa found. Balboa took the pearl itself, gave the slaves freedom and gave the pearl of the Spanish King Ferdinand V, because he had fallen out of favor with this. The grandson of Ferdinand V. Philip II gave the pearl 1556 his wife Mary Tudor of England for the wedding. 1558 came the pearl back to the Spanish court, after Mary had died. Philip II, the Pearl is now on special occasions as a hat pin, which increased awareness of the pearl. In 1579) was the pearl of Garcilasco de la Vega (historian examined and their value was 14,400 gold ducats attributed to one, even if it can not quantify its value. Perle came by succession to others about Margaret of Austria and Maria Louisa of Orleans (wife of Charles II) temporarily to the French court at Versailles, the King of Spain employed brother of Napoleon in 1813 fled to France as the pearl. By 1873, Pearl was held by the successors of Napoleon until Napoleon III, France, and fled in exile in the United States and England lived. From a financial hardship that Napoleon III sold the pearl 1873 to the Duke of Abercorn, father of the aforementioned Lord Hamilton. After his death, was the brother of the pearl and let them drill. Up for sale through a New York gallery to Richard Burton was the pearl in the family Abercorn. Richard Burton paid the relatively low price of 37,000 dollars and gave the pearl Elizabeth Taylor for Valentine's Day . 1972 gold coins would have the above 14 400 corresponded about $ 250,000.

Hope Pearl
To us today, but most famous pearl is called the Hope Pearl . They can be in London South Kensington Museum in view. It was named after the American banker Henry Philip Hope. Better known is probably named after him also blue diamond. Hope this pearl has the shape of a cylinder with a length of 50 mm. She is the proud weight of 90.8 grams (454 carats). The diameter varies 83-150 mm. Its color on the surface is 75% white. Much more is on this pearl is not known.

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